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  • Good question – We strive to support the environment that supports us in every element of what we do. From supporting industry-leading suppliers that are at the cutting edge of green manufacturing to on-site practices and how we ethically dispose of our waste (reduce, reuse, recycle).
  • We are obsessed with giving our customers the best outcomes at the best prices all while doing everything we can to keep our little corner of the world beautiful.

Depends on your project, book a quote, and we will be happy to tell you!

Cement Rendering can be messy, but with a combination of drop sheets, plastic and tape, we protect your windows/doors and pathways and make sure the render ends up on the walls!

Unfortunately, rendering requires single use of plastic and tape to protect important surfaces. Along with empty bags of render, these Items can accumulate quite quickly. If it’s too much for us to take away ourselves, we like to use Aussie Skip Bags. The bags are reusable, and the waste ends up in construction and industrial waste recycling centres to give the render, plastic and paper a new life.

We operate all through south-east Queensland.

9/10 times we will have a quote emailed to you before we leave the site after measuring the job up. Sometimes, if its a little bit more complicated, we might have to make a call or two before we send something through.

Our products have a seven-year guarantee, and we back that with a seven-year workmanship guarantee.

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